The Quarantine

I am not an expert on many things, but there is one area I feel I can share my guidance in this season: Quarantine.

Due to the nature of my heart issues, I have been in self-quarantine on and off in different times. I have been almost completely isolated since the beginning of this year due to rampant flu/virus issues. As you may be someone needing to join me in staying home this season, I want to share advice on how to make this difficult change a little easier:

1. Ask for help. This is the most challenging and most important step. If you are unable to get out, ask someone to do it for you. My community has delivered groceries to my front door, returned my library books, picked up my medications, and a myriad of other crazy tasks. The people in your life WANT to help you–even if they are not going to physically see you! (Don’t have anyone you feel like you can ask? Send me a message.)

2. Open the windows. Sunlight and fresh air are vital when you are inside all the time.

3. Move. It can be tempting to sit on the couch all day but your body will not be pleased with that decision. There are lots of ways to stretch your body and fun workout videos to try from yoga to kickboxing to different kinds of dance. If that is not your energy level, set an alarm to take a lap around the living room every thirty minutes.

4. Create something. Paint, sculpt, journal, cook, draw, sew, blog–there are so many venues to be creative. (If you need supplies, refer to point #1.)

5. Start something that you can finish. If you are like me it is important to accomplish something during this time at home–and don’t just make it house cleaning! Try lessons on Duolingo, put together a jigsaw puzzle, organize a forgotten desk drawer.

6. Spend time with someone you love. (Sometimes it gets hard sharing close quarters so you may need to prioritize fun!) My husband and I make time to play games and watch movies together. My parents Skype with us every week. If you live alone, call or FaceTime a person who gives you joy.

7. Pray. There are times when things seem too quiet or too overwhelming–and in both of those we need to stop and breathe. Talk to God, meditate, practice mindfulness. We are in an unusual season where we are given permission to slow down and look around. Take those moments seriously and find strength and peace as you connect with God.

Sending love and peace to you, friends. We can do this.

4 thoughts on “The Quarantine

  1. Good morning Caitlin,Miss you I’m praying for your healing πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ


  2. Such solid advice!! I like create something and something you can finish!! Often something I struggle with, lol


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